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Time for a Friday Night Takeaway

We really need to make this simpler for ourselves. Golf is just like anything else we learn and it is not as hard as we make it. The problem is that most of the instruction for years has not followed this line. Golfers seem to have a quest for knowledge that has fed a machine of tips and instructions that creates a never-ending circle. In no other sports, hobbies or pastimes do those involved analyse the method to the extent golfers do. Many golfers find themselves going round a whole wheel of instruction often a number of times. Even though a tip didn’t work before, you might be a different golfer now, so let’s try it again. There can’t be many other skills that we acquire that we breakdown with such so-called precision. Stop it. We cannot multi-task and we cannot expect consistency if every shot we are trying is something new.

The time of a golf swing is so short that we cannot have thoughts on different aspects of it. Let your natural ability come out. When you learn to ride a bike you fall off to the left and then to the right and your brain works out how to correct it. You don’t start consciously bringing in elements of weight shift - you just do it. Strip it back and take away a couple of the swing thoughts that are stopping the natural flow of your golf swing. Show some confidence in your own innate capability to work things out mentally rather than asking for an outside influence to tell you why and how to fix it. This is true learning and skill acquisition. It will give you confidence in what you’re doing rather than needing to head back to the internet every time for a fix

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