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Take your game to the next level without getting any better!

My first blog for a while as I have been doing a series of YouTube videos. I have had a recurring theme from a couple of golfers in a few coaching sessions this month so thought it would be worth putting something out there.

Both of these golfers are good players going through a poor patch and have had lessons giving them a technical solution to work on. However, they are having difficulty committing to shots with the new feel. Weirdly the old method, although it wasn’t working, is giving them a comfort blanket that they just can’t put down.

Watch any golf on the tv these days and it seems that a caddy can’t leave a player to hit without uttering the words ‘commit to it’.

So what is this cure-all called commitment and why is it so vital? One definition is ‘A clear objective and belief that you can perform the shot’. The first element should be easy as that’s our choice of shot, club etc but it has a big impact on the second. If you are not selecting a shot that you can execute 7 or 8 times out of 10, then you should be choosing another shot. When we are indecisive and filled with doubt we start to try and control the golf swing which usually results in deceleration and issues with ball striking. Doubt is said to be the main gap between what we can do and what we actually do. It becomes self-fulfilling. We have doubt over a shot, we fail and the doubt is confirmed and is there even stronger next time.

Commitment is all about process and stays away from the outcome as you can’t control that. It simply puts you in the best position to be successful.

Now to the important bit. You know how vital it is as everyone keeps banging on about it, but what should you actually do? The key is to keep it really simple. Do your pre-shot work and come up with the best shot for the situation. We should all be able to do that. Then in terms of execution, I believe the two most important factors are to make sure you accelerate through the ball and pay full attention to finishing your swing. Don’t neglect the post-impact part of the swing. Finish looking like a golfer. This helps to keep you away from any dreaded deceleration. Ensuring you complete your swing will help get your body through and make a real positive pass at the ball.

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1 Comment

Ian Wishart
Ian Wishart
May 20, 2021

The eternal struggle between doubt and confidence that resides between our ears. We then look for excuses for poor execution of the shot. In my case it’s the outside influences such as chattering that I should be able to ignore. Keep the wise words flowing Mal.

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