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Hit what you see

I hope Santa bought you what you need for your golf game. Mine was some magic tees in my cracker so my hopes are high. Also, some lucky socks which I have already checked the returns policy on just in case. So let me go out on a limb and suggest that maybe the solution did not lie in Santa’s sack so let’s look at something you have had all along but maybe were using upside down.

Imagination is the ability to construct hypothetical future scenarios. Visualisation is affecting the outside world by changing your thoughts. There are many definitions out but I like to focus on these two. If you put these two together you get, ‘If you can see it you can make it happen’. What do you see? Good or bad outcomes?

I was asked this month how do I stop seeing a horrible slice and then perfectly demonstrating that horrible slice? The answer is simple; picture a different shot. The brain is unbelievably powerful at making the calculations and putting all the motions in place to carry out the task you have set it. Unfortunately, you are setting it the wrong task.

How can I visualise another shape if I never hit that one, was the next question? This is where the brain helps us again. It does not distinguish between reality and imagined and we can exploit this to our advantage. So if you find your mind wandering during the latest set of COVID graphs spend the time wisely and imagine that shot you want to hit. That high draw into 18th green or the low stinger into the wind. You are practising it every time you picture it and the brain is rehearsing the correct movements to make it happen when you take it to the range or course.

Shane Lowery was asked how do you hit certain shots? I just think fade or draw and let the brain do the rest.

Don’t be surprised if the outcome is exactly what you saw. Just make sure you play the right video in your head.

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