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The wine is flowing

Uncork the wine. Who am I kidding, unscrew the top. Well that is dry January done. I will not do it again. It was a struggle from day one and I don’t feel any better or weigh any less. However I am proud of myself for not having given up in spite of a few not so great days in Jan. Its Sat Feb 1st so let the wine flow. Monday brings a trip to St Andrews with 3 rounds including one on the Old Course which I can’t wait for. The liver is in for a rude awakening. Staying at Rusacks overlooking the 18th so couldn’t be better.

My golf has been great for a couple of months now and I am just looking to keep on improving ahead of spring. It’s taken me a while (about 25 years) but I have finally accepted that a fade is ok. A few folk who know me will be shouting ‘slice not fade’ but for the moment it’s a fade. I have stopped seeking that high draw that seems to elude me. It’s only by watching pros on the telly playing with a consistent fade that I have been to accept what I have is ok. It should not have taken so long but at least I’m there now. That other grass ain’t always greener!! I have managed to get another article published in the latest issue of OnPar magazine. This one covering how to make the best of the so called ‘off season’ and there are more to come. I have also started a new project with PGA pro Gary Potter who I have been doing some joint coaching sessions with and we are launching our Youtube channel called ‘Playing the Tips’. This will have us playing out real scenarios covering the mental aspects of the game rather than adding to an already saturated market with more technical instruction style videos. We are both seeing these scenarios repeatedly during our coaching sessions and there is very little out there on these subjects. Our first couple of pilots have revealed some really interesting impacts of weather on yardages but have shown my video editing and acting skills need a bit of work and I can’t lie my browsing history will show ‘best way to disguise moobs on camera’. Off to dig out my St Andrews yardage books.

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