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Go easy on yourself in 2020

Go a bit easier on yourself in 2020 Festivities done. A few extra pounds should equal a few extra yards. Thoughts often turn now to what should we do different in 2020. It’s hard to do anything different if it’s all based on the same knowledge. So many of us fail our resolutions. We need to challenge some of the beliefs that cause us to react and behave as we do. Most golfers fit into one of two categories. We either believe we did everything right and the golfing gods were against us (we all know a few of these). Or the more common category, the self critical golfer. We expect a lot and become very hard on ourselves when we don’t meet our lofty expectations. I like the pursuit of perfectionism. It’s great from a skill acquisition and desire to improve point of view but will hold your game back in terms of performance on the course if you don’t play with a level of acceptance. What we can and need to achieve to play well and compete is made worse by the TV coverage which focuses on those performing well rather than the full field. It’s not great telly watching average shots. One method of achieving a more balanced view is to take a look at the averages in different areas of the game from all standards and see how you compare. Below are some of the key statistics that might just make you realise you are better than you thought and some of your expectations are too high. Of course they might also help you identify a few key areas where you can improve but at least they will be based on fact and should show you are not as far away as you thought. Putting Putt length 10ft - average tour player make 40% Putt length 20ft to 25ft - average tour player make 12% Greens in Regulation Handicap range 25 - 30. GIR 10% Handicap range 15 - 20. GIR 20% Handicap range 5 - 10. GIR 30% Fairways hit Shooting in the 70’s - 61% to 80% Shooting in the 80’s - 36% to 56% Shooting in the 90’s - 5% to 31% Overall score Around 5% of golfers break 80 Around 20% of golfers shoot between 80 and 90 Around 25% of golfers break 100 This leaves 50% of golfers who consistently score over 100 Finally driver distance Average Tour Pro 282 yds Amateur shooting in the 80’s 235yds Amateur shooting in the 90’s 196yds These hopefully make you look at yourself and your game in a more positive light and don’t let the burden of expectation pull your game down. Dry January - wish me luck as I am going to need it.

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