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So it begins...… blog 1

The midlife crisis is upon me. After 12 years in the automotive industry and 17 years in aerospace at age 50 I have walked away from my job and embarked on a journey in a completely different direction. To get started I gained my Golf Psychology qualification and have been trained in Sports Coaching.

Excitement and fear are never far away from each other at the moment. A diet, a fitness regime and structured lessons complete the plan to improve my own game. Surely with all this time to practice and all my new knowledge a significant handicap reduction is only a matter of time?

I may even be able to mark my ball with my own name rather than someone else as no longer shall I be worrying about Michelle’s conservatory or George’s greenhouse at Old Links. We shall see. Can I practice what I preach?

I will post regular updates on my own progress or otherwise linking where Psychology and clearer thinking have helped or where it should have done but I have struggled to implement the process. Hopefully these scenarios, tools and techniques will help those who are encountering similar issues.

Already I have a new approach for Saturdays comp. On the first tee this week I not be trying the tip I found off the internet on Friday night as I did last week. The tip was strengthen the grip (turn hands away from the target) to promote the draw. Result snap hook. I am not even sure why I ended up there I was only searching for the latest Puma Hi Tops. I should know better.

The first step is to get some good stats, see what they reveal next month.

Join me on my journey, learn from my mistakes, witness my progress, come back for pointers and tips on using all the tools available to you and see how it really can make a difference to your game.

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