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Let the brain have control

The month started with a fantastic trip to St Andrews. 8 of us went up for 3 rounds including the Old Course. The weather was great and the courses were in superb condition. Some decent golf and plenty of laughs made for a cracking trip. The Winter Package that they offer is unbelievable value and stick a couple of nights staying at Rusacks overlooking the 18th and you can’t go wrong.

Next month sees 20 golfers heading to Turkey (coronavirus permitting) for a coaching and playing trip which is always fun and I can’t wait to play without half my wardrobe on.

Since St Andrews a constant stream of storms has made even getting on the course difficult but when you can, try and embrace the challenge of keeping control of your ball. You need to just to navigate around all the new water features if your course is anything like mine. Nick Faldo says when it’s windy it’s 18 holes of chipping it round.

Take more club and take the spin off the ball. Once you learn this you can lessen the affect of the wind and start to make the conditions work for you.

Coaching having been a bit quiet is starting to kick off with players wanting to start the season in a good place and I’m really excited about the work we are doing with a few players around making maximum use of the sight, feel and auditory senses to enhance already sound techniques.

It’s the senses side of the brain that executes the shot and really honing on these is helping the shape and control of shots ahead of thinking technical changes. It’s clever that brain if we give it the right information and are prepared to let it have control. We have been working on just how much the brain can implement the shots we want if we give it the sensory information it works best with.

Everyone is different. Some can see pictures easily whereas others prefer a feel but with a bit of practice you can work out what works best for you. The results have shown how successful it can be without putting any technical swing thoughts and club head positions into the equation.

Once you get this you start to see clearly how the sub conscious plays it’s part in the execution. You can then build on this and create a powerful combination of your technical thoughts and strong sensory information allowing you to be fully committed to the shot. Give it a go.

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