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How to spend your Masters winnings

Well that lockdown included the roll out of the World Handicap System and the Masters. I think a few golfers were surprised by the WHS and have not gone up as much as they thought because NR’s, although included in the formula going forward, were not included in the historical calculation. After a decent summer I have come out at 3.8 but a lot more to do to reach the life goal of scratch. Even 1.6 at Lytham Crazy Golf but I am not sure their slope rating is correct!

The Masters was a really welcome watch in a lockdown month and it really showed how a course changes when it’s soft compared to how we usually see it and it made the approaches into greens so much more forgiving. Makes you realise you should assess your strategy more often with different conditions rather than pulling the same clubs. I only watched 48 hours, (not including previews) so am no expert, as the phone rang on Saturday and I forgot to ignore it. Their number is now blocked. Sorry mum but you knew it was on. Glad I did not agree to Dan Webster’s drinking game of a shot every mention of the ‘sub air system’. Don’t think I would have seen a back 9. I do feel like I know enough to install one now. Anyway Augusta looked fantastic in the Autumn and it’s great that the next one is only 5 months away.

Ok so you had a couple of quid on Dustin and you have some golf money. It can’t be spent on anything else if you won it on golf right. So what’s the best £40 investment you can make?

No question for me its spend 45 mins with your local pro or a Toptracer with the sole intention of coming away with what your carry yardage is with each club. I can already hear golfers saying I am not good enough to hit it consistently the same distance. Stick with me as that is missing the point. Once you have got these create a table with them like the one below (PGA tour averages). Include a few extra columns, one into the wind and one downwind. The simplest formula is into the wind 1% for every 1 mph. Eg 100 yards into 20 mph becomes 120 yards and 200 becomes 240. Downwind it’s .5%. Eg 100 yards down 20 mph becomes 90 yards and 200 becomes 180. Stick this in your pocket and refer to it as part of your pre shot routine.

The key point with this is it makes decisions easy. Yes we will all hit indifferent shots that don’t go the exact yardage we hoped for but when you make it factual and select a club accordingly you always stand over the ball confident with your selection rather than second guessing.

I guarantee this is the best £40 you will spend.

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