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Get a grip!

With the return of golf, I have played a lot and with a lot of different people. The thing that sticks out the most is that there aren’t many golfers taking responsibility for their own performance. It seems that every poor shot is followed by an excuse and the levelling of blame at someone else’s door. I find myself biting my tongue when all I want to say is you hit it, you are the only one to blame. The sneeze four fairways away has not influenced your shot one jot. But it seems we are all happier to blame an outside occurrence rather than take any responsibility for ourselves.

You hear and see professionals deflecting blame all the time but this is all short term trying to remain upbeat and not erode any confidence, especially when talking on camera. But you can be certain that as soon as they are off camera they are working on whatever they felt let them down today.

So if nothing is your fault, brilliant there is nothing to fix. Just wait until the next game and all will be perfect. Now back to the real world. Are you working on keeping others quiet? Good luck with that at home. If you don’t acknowledge it how can you begin to resolve it. These influences will carry on. Noise, wind and all those other things that are not your fault which top your excuse list. Just be honest with yourself. Admit it was a poor shot or a poor decision and work out what you can do next time to execute it better. If you keep trying to fool yourself all you create is an internal conflict because your brain is not that easily fooled. Be honest with yourself and move on is the solution.

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