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End of the season or start of the season?

So what do you do now? Put your sticks away and leave your golf shoes to grow various chemical weapons in the shed? For some the next thought of golf will be a dubious jumper delivered by the big red fella with a beard which would look better under your waterproofs or a sleeve of balls perfect for re-gifting. For others, including me, it's finally the opportunity to do the work on your game that you have been wanting to do. It can be difficult to make changes in the summer when your games come thick and fast and are all tournament play or handicap qualifying. Your tendency on the course then is to default back to your norm. Which camp are you in when the off season arrives? Make the most of this time and be ready in the spring rather than creaking your way through the first month. Use your time wisely and target those areas that have held you back this summer. There are also some great offers during the winter as local pros try to fill their teaching slots.

Last month included caddying in the Triangular series which is a Seniors event between England, USA and Canada. I was lucky to caddy for Englishman David Hall and 4 1/2 points out of 6 was a great return in a fantastic event. Caddying pretty much done for the year. I need to find myself a bag that takes in some warmer climes to get me through to spring. Bermuda looks alright this week and a cold Dark and Stormy in the Pickled Onion beach bar would have the edge on a lentil soup to try and put some feeling back in the fingers.

Looking forward to some of the coaching that I have lined up which is with players who want to work on all aspects of the mental game and getting the brain working for them rather than against them. The winter is perfect for this as it can be done both on or away from the course in the warm and dry. I was asked last week for one piece of advice on the course from someone who was a bit nervous on the course. My response was just be nice to yourself on the course. Golf can be a lonely game with just you and your thoughts and if you are going to give

yourself a hard time for four hours then you don't make it any easier.

November brings a trip to Japan. Can't wait to visit the golf shops and fully expect to come home with some previously unseen and no doubt unnecessary gadgets.

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