The Mind Matters


I have played this game for 40 years and have invested a lot of time, money and effort into trying to improve without seeing the desired improvements. Other sports came naturally but golf never has. It took time to realise that my brain and body were able to cope with reactive and instinctive sports with clear opponents. However, golf is static with the main opponent being your own mind. Until you understand the potential of the brain you are limiting your own progress.


Some may need more tangible reasons to buy into the benefits of improving your mind and attitude. Why have professionals become better over the last 20 years whilst the average amateur handicap remains the same? Fitness is definitely one reason. Equipment is another but we all have access to that, budget permitting. One of the biggest contributors to success is the way professionals have embraced the potential of the brain in order to maximise performance. Today, it would be a rarity to find a professional who does not employ a golf psychologist.


After 30 years, I decided a change of career was necessary. I left the Aerospace industry and took my PGA Golf Psychology Coaching Certificate along with other Psychology and Sports Coaching courses. This enables me to work with golfers of all ages and levels to find their own individual way to get the most out of their game on any given day.   



PGA Approved Golf Psychology Coaching Certified

Exploring Sport Coaching & Psychology OU

Communication & Relationships in Sport OU

UK Coaching Duty to Care




Coaching Areas

- Effective Practice

- Pre Shot Routine                

- Attention and Focus                 

- Confidence                          

- Learn to build a good memory box      

- Stress Management            

- How to deal with pressure situations     


- Goal Setting                           

- Resilience                             

- How to build response mechanisms   

- Imagery                                

- Anxiety and Coping Strategies                     

- Self Talk                               

- The inner voice   


 £50 per session

Multi-session discounts available

(sessions run for 45 mins at a mutually convenient time and location)


Pace and frequency set by you

A programme designed specifically for the individual

Interactive sessions can be course or range based






Based out of Lytham Golf Academy

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